Tuition rates are based on the following variables:

Lesson Location
Time of Day (peak vs. off-peak hours)
Length of Lesson*

Please include the following details when sending a message:

Major cross-streets in Clovis/Fresno area, student's experience (if any), age of student(s), school schedule (public, private, home-schooled, etc.)

This will help Brian place you with an instructor appropriate to your student's age and piano experience. Your monthly tuition rate will be determined when the above information has been provided. Associate instructors typically start tuition around $120 per month.

Books and recital fees are not included with tuition.
Average cost for books: $7 every 4-6 months.
Recital fees: $5 per student (2x per year)

Ask about our family discount if you 
have more than one student!

Discounts available for off-peak 
(during school) hours!

​*45 minute lessons are reserved for advanced students. Most lessons are 30 minutes in length.